A fast growing innovation technology Company

working with global enterprises, SME’s and forward-thinking start-ups as their end-to-end solution partners for custom-tailored software, web and mobile apps.
Through a combination of smart planning, design thinking approach, and the latest technologies, we help our clients to accelerate their business efficiency.

Optimize &

We enable industries including education, finance, retail and government to efficiently optimize and innovate processes & products.

Full-Cycle Custom
Software Development

Our successful projects are the result of the profound expertise in full-cycle custom software development and business commitment.

Our Story

We are an innovative software development company founded by a team of academics, programmers and practitioners specialized in the development and customization of enterprise level solutions, educational platforms, advanced web, desktop and mobile apps that will transform the way you do business.


It all began, when passionate developers started their first education platform, we were ambitious to create a disruption in education management.


We grew up and expanded to various sectors delivering exceptional professional services in design, full stack engineering bringing brilliant digital ideas for clients as AMAN, TADAMON, bionestix, MTBI, Betcoin, emotionAI.


We've implemented large scale software products/platforms that hold partners labels in MENA and worldwide maintaining high-level of project management and productivity. Uniparticle is currently running the operations of Global products serving 10s of thousands of users with 24 hrs technical support and ongoing development/updates to platforms with teams dedicated to partners’ programs.


Our expertise extends to develop IoT, software platforms, artificial intelligence libraries, embedded software and robotics development for financial, education, medical, e-commerce sectors and research centers.
Combining our expertise in large sophisticated projects with current operations, we are confident to deliver the best experience to our strategic partners.

Our Services


Product design based market research, competitive analysis and stakeholders participation are some of many practices we are applying in product design to make sure best results of User experience and Interactions in our products



We assign dedicated teams and operational support using most modern technologies in software development. Each is under a dedicated project manager that has solid experience in the modern software development cycle, tools and project management

Robotics & Embedded
Systems Development

We are keen and passionate towards robotics and embedded software development and lucky to have our robotics and embedded software engineers that have recognized stamps in the field of autonomous systems and interactive robots using most recent technologies, frameworks and programming languages aligned with industries software standards.


AI is a part of most of solutions we deliver to our clients that empower products under latest technologies in image processing, facial and emotion recognition personalized learning, reinforcement learning and more.


We work diligently with our clients, understand and analyze their needs and business requirements, share the real time status and roadmap of the project with them, which help us to develop and deliver unique solutions to meet our clients needs on time with cost effectiveness.

We provide a dedicated team after the product development phase is over so we can tackle the operation and front desk with our clients end-users.

We Build with

We build systems that are less cluttered, automated, rapid and efficient. We use state-of-art methods that can make the solution unique and smart. We maintain an open-source library that accomplish variety of Artificial intelligence tasks.


We understand that building custom software requires more than just having deep technical skills, it needs to have a thoughtful, unique, and smart way to ensure that the solution developed result in better revenue opportunities, customer loyalty and cost effectiveness. We help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Simplicity is
Everything to us

No matter how complicated requirements and actions needed, our solutions are easy-to-use. It is part of our philosophy to deliver simple, intuitive and reliable software.

Highly Talented

Whether you need to build a customer software, desktop, web or mobile app, our team have the capability to build your vision into reality and solve your challenges. Our team members are talented, passionate and always striving to be up-to date through research and continuous earning. Shortly, we love what we do.

a Project?

We build systems that are less cluttered, automated, rapid and efficient.

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