Edu2.0 PLJ

Professional Learning Journey

First of its kind learning paths for teachers and mentors supported by features designed with innovation to empower educators throughout their professional development journey via gaming concepts ensuring learner’s engagement.

Web Mobile Educational Platform


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Empowering Educators Throughout their Professional Development Journey

PLJ did only offers educators more opportunities to track and self- assess their professional progress . educators can get credits from their peers which allows for a culture of mutual feedback and non- stopping support and encouragement
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To empower educators in the process of tracking and documenting their professional growth, PLJ was designed to be a friendly user mobile app and website that can be used daily with ease like any other media device.

Teachers engage with learning paths and enjoy the development process.
Challenging evidence based pointing system, tracking educators’ professional progression throughout the framework.
Community shares their progression points, milestones and development journey with each other during their ongoing gamified learning tracks/paths.
Teachers may select the measurable learning outcomes upon their pace
In order to keep the community in touch, notification have been developed to instantly allow for interaction between peers and mentors whether in a form of a response to requests, comments or actions that need to be taken .
The teacher portfolio is designed to support teachers in following their progress, recording their milestones and achievements during their learning journey. Furthermore, teachers can write their bio and upload their CVs to share with other members among the learning community
Mentor panel shows up not only the teachers in the mentors’ idaraa but also shows the schools within each single idaraa with numbers and databases of the teachers.
A direct communication channel represented in two ways dialogue between teachers and mentors aiming to receive quickly feedback to teachers on objective’s evidence presented



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Our Services

A dedicated team was compiled by different mindsets to be responsible for PLJ development & operation

  • Product Development

  • UX/UI Design

  • Security & Devops services

  • Hosting & Administration

  • Operation and maintenance

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

  • User behavior Analysis & Client reporting

  • 24Hrs Technical Support

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Partenrship & Recognition

  • Partner: Discovery Education

  • Recognized by: Ministry of Education in Egypt