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Formal, Social and Experimental Learning

We were excited for restructuring the new learning model for online PD to include Formal learning, Social Learning and experiential as explained with a 10 20 70 standard. We considered satisfying the user by providing all tools and material through the platform and making sure avoiding distracting or annoying the user by using several tools to accomplish tasks through another offline/online tools.
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To empower educators in the process of tracking and documenting their professional growth, PLJ was designed to be a friendly user mobile app and website that can be used daily with ease like any other media device.

where user can be introduced to the course details, benefits from the course, Intended Learning Outcomes, points acquired by ending the course and certification.
A new page has been designed to be more interactive. We designed an automatic bar to switch between course component (video lesson, reading materials, challenges, discussions and resources). Enhancements are being done as well in taking notes, we changed taking notes by taking a video shots with enabling comments on the video and to be saved in user’s personal files.
Our main interest was to organize 10 20 70 standard in easy way, as explained previously the percentages are considered by providing auto transactions between each stage, user now starts with formal learning in the lesson by watching the video and completing tasks. Then transmitted to participate in discussions and complete challenges based on session scenario. Automatically learning paths opened according to what users completed. An standalone learning path is created to users separately according to the progress in the completing modules. Also, points are being counted regarding to the achievements.
A gamified learning paths with reference to PLJ has been designed so that user can apply and achieve learning objectives according to” I will statement”. We Designed a specific learn paths for each course, Users are involved to assist and give points to each other as a part of social learning.
Badges is under implementation motivational and rewarding module, synchronized with user’s progress and tracking his/her behavior through the system.
The teacher portfolio is designed to support teachers in following their progress, recording their milestones and achievements during their learning journey. Furthermore, teachers can write their bio and upload their CVs to share with other members among the learning community
Teachers engage with learning paths and enjoy the development process.
Teachers engage with learning paths and enjoy the development process

Our Services

A dedicated team was compiled by different mindsets to be responsible for competition pages development & operation

  • Web Development

  • UX/UI Design

  • LMS-LTI Integration

  • Hosting & Administration

  • Graphic Design

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Daily Reports

  • 24Hrs Technical Support

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