AMAN E-Payments & AMAN Financial Services

AMAN is a country scaled mobile app developed for 100 million users.

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E-Payments & Financial Services App

Aman is a country scaled mobile app developed for 100 million users, it enables consumers to have all in one solution in one application where users can pay all bills and services by providing more than initially 120 services to pay. In addition it works as a marketplace that has hundreds of products to buy directly from the store or by installing them. Moreover, through Aman app users can apply for aman card which is a closed loop credit card so users can install products from thousands of merchants contributed with Aman or install products provided by Aman stores.

Our Role

Such a mega scale application needed working hand in hand with AMAN E-Payment and Aman Financial Services to set the scope, discuss all aspects of integrations and heed to tiny details. Our Expert engineers and our adroit developers worked to set the roadmap, system architecture, converting all business requirements into beneficial features. Not to forget the imperative of User Experience it always comes in first for UP and AMAN.
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AMAN App is a mirror that reflects all AMAN Holding services which boil down to E-Payments, Financial Services and Microfinance. Hence, AMAN customers can pay all their bills as well as they can install aman products on AMAN’s store or AMAN merchants partners by providing AMAN Card for installments. Customers are able to apply for the card through a futuristic KYC easy process and can get the card installed within the app and there is no need for sophisticated paper work anymore.

Easy to follow, clear and informative UIs
Insures the highest quality, performance, resilience, and scale
Allows applicant to convert hard-copy documents into digital files creating effortless process and easier user experience. Capturing applicant image and comparing it with the national ID as part of the verification process.
Buying Products through the app
AMAN app users can apply for AMAN card which is a closed loop credit card so users can install products from thousands of merchants

Our Services

A dedicated team was compiled by different mindsets to be responsible for Aman application development.

  • Product Development

  • UX/UI Design

  • Security & Devops services

  • Hosting & Administration

  • Operation and maintenance

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Payment Gateways integration

  • 24Hrs Technical Support

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Uniparticle is focused solely on software development and invests heavily in continuous innovation.

Our determination propels us to invest in new technologies as well as further refinement of existing features to ensure they meet not only today’s needs but tomorrows as well. Our research and development team work hand in hand with Aman teams to receive feedback on product improvement suggestions and new products. We periodically release maintenance updates to and new versions of our existing products. In addition, Our products are primarily developed inhouse.

Abdelrahman Ahmed

Uniparticle CEO