Aman App

Aman Microfinance Application

Newly introduced digital transformation client facing app disrupting microfinance loan management; first of its kind microfinance granting for entrepreneurs and households providing real-time view financial grants status, gives additional details on their installments due dates with unparalleled loan application experience powered by Face Recognition and rigorous OCR tools along with Online Marketplace opening up new possibilities accessing assets investments. Aman Microfinance APP provides access to easy finance to an underbanked and unbanked population from low-income households in the country.

Mobile Artificial intelligence


Tailored finance for growth

Additional digital channel for Aman to continue their mission empowering micro-entrepreneurs across Egypt.. Automation of processes from field operations to back-office management, and accounting using innovative finance and technical arrangements to include people in the formal financial sector implementing the services and solutions focusing on speeding up the process for application and approvals.


Aman Microfinance is designed to completely digitize the onboarding experience with intuitive user interface, guided procedures and powerful reporting functionality optimizing the workflow to meet the demanding requirements of streamlining loan collection and simplifies the sophisticated loan process. Aman Microfinance empowers branches to attract, retain and engage clients with the robust interface which tracks, collects and maintains records of customers real-time from anywhere.

3 steps process for applicants to complete their application form
Insures the highest quality, performance, resilience, and scale
Allows applicant to convert hard-copy documents into digital files creating effortless process and easier user experience
Capturing applicant image and comparing it with the national ID as part of the verification process.
A one-time PIN code valid for only one login session or transaction to be provided over the applicant mobile phone through text message.
Fully functional online marketplace like e-commerce to show up Aman’s products supported with admin panel to set matrices, installments plans, adding categories and products which simplifies loan requests to purchase items directly from Aman.
Dynamic locations for Aman offline stores powered by Google maps. Users can choose their preferred branch from the available branches list or simply turn on location services and allow the app to select the nearest branch. Locations are fully dynamic and controlled by the admin Panel as well.
Aman smart systems automatically receives the loan requests and starts the processes while simultaneously keeping in touch with clients by sending for fund receipt. As well as loan management which allows customers to see the installments dates, current amount requested for payment or late installments.

Our Services

A dedicated team was compiled by different mindsets to be responsible for Aman application development.

  • Product Development

  • UX/UI Design

  • Security & Devops services

  • Hosting & Administration

  • Operation and maintenance

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

  • User behavior Analysis & Client reporting

  • 24Hrs Technical Support

Uniparticle is focused solely on software development and invests heavily in continuous innovation.

Our determination propels us to invest in new technologies as well as further refinement of existing features to ensure they meet not only today’s needs but tomorrows as well. Our research and development team work hand in hand with Aman teams to receive feedback on product improvement suggestions and new products. We periodically release maintenance updates to and new versions of our existing products. In addition, Our products are primarily developed inhouse.

Abdelrahman Ahmed

Uniparticle CEO