What is Digital Twins Technology?

Simply it’s the virtual side of your connected assets, or with the GE’S definition “A technology that pairs digital objects to physical objects. A Technology that is dynamic, learning and interactive”

Digital Twin Technology is invented to not be 3D modeling and simulation  to physical devices only but also to learn and predict device future and clarify its life cycle. We can say that Digital Twin is an extension of Internet of Things technology, by creating another virtual version of the physical device which is able to gathering information using sensor data and with thanks to machine, and deep learning we can predict the life cycle of the device and optimize its operation by interacting with it.

Digital twin serves business owners and save economy of mega companies

It’s clear for companies that” they will be left behind if they not quickly respond to this technology” SAP’s senior vice president of IoT said. Digital twins extremely play astounding role in business and industry 4.0 leverage. Twins are being used to monitoring, analysis and maintenance a physical products and manufacturing processes.  Also Twins are a great tools to accelerate the product development cycle by the massive gained data beyond.

Here are some of Digital twins Applications are being launched

  • Wind Turbines
  • Aircraft Engines
  • Locomotives
  • Large structures

How to get start with Digital Twin?

Twin is put on the top of expected technologies in 2018 by IBM, therefore thinkers and aware of technologies entrepreneurs are focusing on Applying twins technology, this questions was answered through an interview with Thomas Kaiser the vice president of IoT at SAP we mentioned before. First Companies and startups must integrate smart components to their upcoming or even existing products. Second step, Connect the product to the cloud based location with streaming, definitely IoT the products otherwise they will be noticeable in the market. In addition Use big data analysis capabilities to gathering sensors data and embed them into business algorithms. Third, identify the weak points of products and optimize it through the next product development cycle. Fourth Use all those results that will transform the business of the company.

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